What if speed counts for more than smarts?

The New Reality
Our world no longer waits

24-hour news. Twitter. Facebook Live. Amazon Prime Now. Today’s world doesn’t wait and neither do today’s customers. For decades, business has been obsessed with innovation. But the evidence shows that more than 97% of the value of innovations go to imitators, not the innovators. This is the era of the ‘fast follower’. Of real-time streaming, instant updates and electronic trading. Being smart isn’t enough. In today’s era, the faster business wins.

The Insight
Next-gen network infrastructure gives you the speed advantage

Businesses want to invest in Clouds, AI, digital twins and blockchains. They want to create platforms, change business models and disrupt things. Drowned out amid such hype is the need to upgrade and build boring network infrastructure, to keep an organisation’s digital lights on. Network infrastructure isn’t merely necessary. It’s an advantage. Because when you’re running on the fastest cables, you can deliver a differentiated experience to your talent and your customers. You can turn on a dime, deploy change rapidly at scale, and flex your business to respond to the flux of the markets. Network infrastructure isn’t boring. It’s rocket fuel.

The Idea
The speed to lead

Tata Communications is a world leader in fibre-optic network infrastructure, carrying more than a quarter of all internet traffic. Theirs is a culture that thinks fast and acts fast. Which is why “The speed to lead” was the perfect articulation of its partnership with Formula One, the world’s fastest sport (for which Tata Communications provided ultra-fast connectivity to every race). But beyond this, the idea became an internal mantra, impacting the brand experience and symbolising the belief and attitude of an Indian company where anything is possible. And the line was based on truth: Tata Communications technology directly affected Lewis Hamilton’s lap times, making him half a second faster in a sport where the difference between winning and losing is measured in milliseconds.

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