Does every business have an inner tech firm?

The New Reality
Data is the new oil

Today, you don’t need to be a tech firm to be a tech firm. Machines and people are generating data and integrating with systems, and the outputs are helping to generate transparency, new insights and new value. The physical world is becoming digitalised – and in this environment, the businesses that thrive are the businesses that harness the data within.

The Insight
Businesses with automotive fleets are made of data

Fleet businesses are as physical as things get. But with telematics sensors installed in vehicles, they can discover new perspectives on the way they operate. Fuel-saving behaviour. Route efficiency. Depot management. Maintenance planning. Vehicle choice. Expansion planning. New service propositions and even business model transformation. All of these can be driven or enhanced by telematics data – or, if you prefer, listening to what your fleet is telling you.

The data necessary to transform fleet businesses already exists within them. But it needs to be captured, revealed and understood in order to be fully harnessed. And to do this, fleet businesses need help.

The Idea
The unseen advantage

Masternaut is a leading European telematics specialist that tasked us with revitalising its brand. Caught between twin strategic imperatives to grow the telematics hardware installation base and to create a differentiated positioning through their analytics offer, we helped resolve the tension by discovering and articulating the culture that drove them. Masternaut is a catalyst for transformation, the revealer of new perspectives. Masternaut helps you see and seize your unseen advantage – the data that can transform your business. The idea is a brand platform driving both communications and experience, supported by a new modern visual identity and launched with a fresh campaign and a comprehensive re-write of the master sales deck.


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