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Why do business leaders need to prepare for a Black Swan?

The New Reality
A new era requires us to think differently

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) was founded in 1995 to promote peace and security. Part of its most high-profile work has been to provide specialist training to people affected by complex geopolitical issues – especially leaders working in government, diplomacy, the military and NGOs.

Yet in today’s increasingly globalised and increasingly unstable world, the impact of geopolitics is being felt way beyond these circles. The GCSP realised that more and more business leaders were being directly affected by unpredictable geopolitical forces – from terrorism and war disrupting supply chains, to cyber-crime threatening financial security.

The GCSP identified a need to share its expertise with this new audience, using its unique experience to bring the right people and ideas together to help solve some of the today’s most urgent challenges.

The Insight
Leaders know they need to re-think executive education

Our world is becoming more complex, multi-faceted and unpredictable. Global businesses see this each and every day. It’s a radically different world and it calls for a smarter approach to executive training.

Yet leadership training continues to focus on established courses and traditional methods of learning. Business leaders recognise the world has changed and there is the need for more relevant and useful executive training methods.

The Idea
Extraordinary courses for extraordinary times

Our campaign brings to life the notion of the Black Swan event – an unpredictable occurrence with dramatic yet unpredictable consequences. It positions the GCSP as a unique organisation able to equip leaders with the knowledge and insight to navigate this new age, helping them prepare for a future that is inherently less predictable. A far cry from the traditional training offered by business schools, GCSP courses are designed to help leaders make sense of the seeming chaos that now defines our world.

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