Perfection just happens

How can we create rarity in a world of mass luxury?

The New Reality
Luxury isn’t as exclusive as it used to be

The nature of luxury is changing. The traditional privileges of wealth have become increasingly mainstream, leading many luxury experiences to lose their allure. In a world where displays of status have become ubiquitous, discerning luxury buyers are seeking more meaningful experiences – ones that demonstrate connoisseurship as well as wealth. In today’s world, rarity, authenticity, individuality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of true luxury.

Affluent travellers have an array of luxury hotels to choose from – each in prime locations, spectacularly designed, and claiming to offer the best in entertainment and service. To capture the imagination of our discerning audience, we needed to go deeper – we needed to capture the soul of the brand.

The Insight
True perfection never happens the same way twice

Luxury hotels offer excellent experiences, but usually following a cookie-cutter approach. Iconic designs are replicated, and high service standards are learnt by rote. But the truest and rarest luxury lies in unique experiences that can’t be recreated. The Dorchester Collection is perfectly positioned to respond to this truth. Not only due to its select portfolio of iconic hotels, each with its individual identity and history, but also a culture which provides the freedom to interpret rather than replicate, encouraging employees to create perfection in new ways, every day.

The Idea
Perfection just happens

Our campaign is seen from the guests’ point of view, for whom the choreography of each moment appears seamless, leaving them with a setting where perfect moments “just happen” and they are free to be their spontaneous selves. Images and videos for the campaign, directed and shot by award-winning film maker and photographer Michel Comte, bring to life six moments of perfection: a family gathering; a group of business friends celebrating with a dinner; a romantic stay; a parent and child spending precious time together; two friends reuniting at a bar; and a tranquil moment enjoyed by a businessman in one of the hotels’ signature suites.

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