How can London remain
the world’s insurance capital?

The New Reality
London’s leadership position is under threat

The birthplace of insurance, London has remained the global leader for commercial risk for the past 300 years. But today, that position is under increasing threat. Not only from Brexit, but also from other hubs offering a comparable level of expertise in certain risk brackets, along with more localised knowledge and service – often at a cheaper rate.

Our challenge was to articulate why London should remain the world’s first choice for insurance.

The Insight
London’s role as a driver of global progress was being overlooked

London has many advantages over rival insurance hubs, such as deeper resources, broader expertise, and an unrivalled track record in innovation. But what cements its leadership status is the impact it makes on the world.

Building on the truth that no progress can be made without risk, we highlighted the unique role London plays as an enabler of global progress. With today’s risks becoming more fluid and multi-faceted, London’s blend of expertise, innovation and capacity – all concentrated in one square mile – equips it to drive progress like nowhere else.

The Idea
London makes it possible

Our campaign message that “London makes it possible” captures what London offers the world. By recreating the City of London in an animated illustration teeming with life, we showcased the diverse risks the market insures and bottled the unique concentrated energy of London’s 52,000 brokers, underwriters and agents.

A key part of our campaign was to equip and mobilise London’s insurance professionals to tell their market story with one voice. Launch day at Leadenhall Market featured actors representing a range of areas of expertise – from ballet dancers for the arts, to astronauts for aerospace.



Actors helped portray some of the endeavours made possible by the London insurance market, from space travel and jetpack development to the performing arts and ocean exploration.

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