Can chemicals help create a more sustainable future?

The New Reality
Chemicals are facing a consumer and regulatory backlash

There are hazard signs ahead for the chemicals industry. The debate around the use of plastics reveals where the conversation can lead if the chemicals industry does not find a new narrative. The challenge therefore is to demonstrate the positive role it can play in our journey to a more sustainable economy while showcasing SABIC’s credentials in responding to the most pressing challenges that face the world.  

The Insight
The bonds of humanity are more powerful than chemical bonds

SABIC’s success as the world’s fourth largest (and youngest) chemicals company is based on more than patents, Nobel prizewinners, staff (although it has its fair share) and a culture of solving bafflingly technical scientific problems. It is down to a culture of open-mindedness and collaboration which sets it apart from competitors who’ve grown used to doing everything their way.

This cultural truth formed the basis of our strategy – to externalise SABIC’s culture as an open invitation to the world to come together to solve global challenges, from feeding billions more people to managing water scarcity and recycling plastics more efficiently.

The Idea
Chemistry between people makes all the difference

SABIC’s first ever corporate brand campaign is a celebration of SABIC’s collaborative culture and based on the notion that the chemistry that truly matters is the chemistry between people. Our campaign brings to life the outputs of these collaborations – with customers, suppliers, governments, academics and even competitors – through a series of stories that illustrate that SABIC is making a difference to what really matters - a progressive force for change in a category that needs to establish the contribution chemicals can make to a more sustainable future.

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