Dishes worth celebrating

How can we drive appreciation for tastes taken for granted?

The New Reality
Today's food culture values exotic over the familiar

Created over 130 years ago, Maggi was built on a belief that everyone, everywhere deserves food that tastes and does good. Since then its professional ingredients have become deeply embedded in global cuisines across the globe, playing an integral role in local loved and celebrated dishes.

But in a world where we’re all food connoisseurs, it’s new and unexpected dishes that are sought out and talked about, while old favourites are taken for granted. Meaning that the professional cooks behind every day good food often go unsung.

The Insight
The meals that people choose every day matter the most

The truth is that, despite the fashion for novelty, it’s the meals we eat every day that matter the most. They’re the tastes we love and the dishes we look forward to – the ones that keep us going and make or break our day. Chefs take pride in their in delivering the meals that matter most to diners, patients and workers – and love to be the ones who keep us smiling, day after day. But without ingredients from Maggi and the passion to deliver, they can’t consistently deliver the trusted favourites that keep diners coming back.

The Idea
Dishes worth celebrating

Maggi Professional set out to put that right and celebrate the local classics that chefs are rightly so proud of, while showing Maggi’s indispensable role in creating them.

Our campaign celebrates the chefs feeding people everywhere good, nutritious meals, day in, day out. It places the most loved local dishes front and centre, in the hands of the chefs who have created them - capturing the heart and soul they pour into them, their pride in their ability to make a difference to those who enjoy them – and highlighting the Maggi ingredients without which they wouldn’t be possible. 

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