How can a legend retain its status in a world where luxury is abundant?

More opulence and rarity is on offer to luxury travellers than ever.

Today’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals are spoiled for choice, from grand hotels to the growing number of truly unique rental venues.

Dorchester Collection destinations live in a unique category – they are not just hotels, but legendary places that have been home to history. Yet they are not the only ones with an illustrious past. In a competitive landscape, it was time to offer something more.

While the collection’s individual properties like The Dorchester or The Beverly Hills have always been world-renowned, there was an opportunity to build the overarching Dorchester Collection brand, so it could create a stronger connection with guests and attract the very best talent to its hotels.


The Insight
The only thing more valuable than experiencing a legend is belonging to it.

We built on the insight that today’s luxury travellers want more than to pass through a property – they want to feel a sense of belonging and connection. They aspire to more than following in the footsteps of icons and witnessing historic surroundings – they want to feel part of history in the making, always shaping and anticipating what will happen next. They value not just being at a legendary place, but being a part of the legend itself.




Belong to the legend

The campaign invited people to ‘Belong to the Legend’. At Dorchester Collection, every guest shapes its extraordinary legacy. So we collaborated with photographer Quentin Jones to create a new layered photographic and visual style that placed guests at the heart of a legendary story that is always evolving.

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