How do you turn digital technology into human experiences?


Amdocs is a global leader in customer experience systems - those vital (yet often unseen) technologies that help brands adopt and innovate around 5G, Cloud and AI. Founded in 1982, Amdocs employs nearly 30,000 people and generates four billion dollars in revenue across markets in 85 countries. But now it had a new ambition.

CEO Shucky Sheffer and new CMO Gil Rosen wanted to re-define the Amdocs brand to drive its next chapter of growth. They wanted a North Star idea that would invigorate culture and underpin the business strategy.

The Insight
Businesses have to go further to impress customers.

Consumers have grown accustomed to seamless experiences, and their expectations are always rising. For businesses to have the edge, they now have to provide experiences that go one step beyond.

Interviewing over a 100 key senior stakeholders and customers, we learned that Amdocs had a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and a passion for the realisation of technology’s ever-expanding potential.

We identified an opportunity for Amdocs to show businesses that it could help them shape more extraordinary experiences with the power to amaze.





‘Make it amazing’ is an idea that communicated the potential of technology to delight, inspire and ignite. In collaboration with McCann Tech, we turned it into a campaign about creating amazing experiences, delivered through amazing experiences.

Launching with a TV spot that took over the whole ad break, the campaign featured immersive AR elements, Insta filters, digital ads, huge OOH media, and even a song by singer Noga Erez that reached over 12 million views on YouTube.

‘Make it amazing’ energised internal culture, with 27,000+ team members attending the launch event. The whole process gave Amdocs new brand architecture, a redesigned portfolio and the idea it needed to guide its growth.


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