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How can a French culinary icon spark a revolution?

The New Reality
The old rules of cuisine no longer apply

The Chef brand is steeped in history and excellence. Based on classic French Escoffier principles, it was launched in France in 1976 with a commitment to the highest culinary standards. Chefs came to love and respect the brand because they knew it used only the highest quality raw ingredients. It was a brand that shared their desire never to compromise on quality.

Yet in recent years diners have become more sophisticated. They expect more diverse experiences – and chefs are under pressure to embrace this more dynamic culinary world. As such, the brand’s perceived rigidity risked creating a sense that it was stuck in the past.

The Insight
Today’s chefs respect tradition but are inspired by new influences

For the new generation of chefs, it is less about rules and traditions and more about inspiration and openness to new ideas and change. More than ever, today’s chefs are born creators, looking to express themselves in more inventive and imaginative ways.

The opportunity for the Chef brand was to keep pace with their ambitions – positioning itself as a champion of changing tastes, even while continuing to deliver uncompromising quality and the most authentic flavours and aromas.

The Idea
Has there ever been a more exciting time to be a chef?

Our campaign encourages chefs to express themselves and their creativity through the medium of their cuisine, providing a more emotionally compelling idea to underpin the functional excellence and credentials of Chef’s product portfolio.

In so doing, the campaign has successfully taken a traditional culinary icon and positioned it as a driver of progress and culinary imagination, as well as a custodian of excellence.

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