GCSP | Extraordinary courses for extraordinary times

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) is an executive education centre that brings together leaders from diverse walks of life to equip them for an extraordinary geopolitical era.

In today’s world, international security and geopolitical issues often have far-reaching, hard-to-predict consequences. What used to be the responsibility of military and diplomatic leaders, is now also the responsibility of leaders in business, civil society and NGOs. By bringing together a wide range of people and ideas, the GCSP creates provocation and the diversity of perspective needed to make sense of the seeming chaos.

Our challenge was to come up with an idea that captures the GCSP’s uniquely inclusive culture and shows that it knows what it takes to tackle the thorniest global issues around. By taking an intelligent, practical perspective on turbulent times, our campaign shows what GCSP courses are all about. It’s helping attract a whole new set of leaders to come to Geneva and join the table.