Polycell | We’ll show you how

Polycell is known for two things – the red and yellow tick and the line ‘Do it well with Polycell’. The problem was that today’s generation of home owners lacked the knowledge and confidence to fill cracks in the wall and prepare surfaces for painting, and the brand’s messaging had simply become too assumptive.

Our solution was to turn Polycell into an enabler brand that empowered home owners, inspiring them and transferring its practical skills in equal measure.

In so doing, we made the brand accessible to anyone, of any level of skill, positioning Polycell as the expert people consult for all tools, advice, guidance and products. The promise was simple – ‘We’ll show you how’

To support this repositioning we created a TV and print campaign along with a series of online  ‘How to’ films that guided people through the challenges of repair and preparation.