Nescafé | Bringing Britain to life

Nescafé is one of Britain’s best-loved brands. It’s drunk by more of us more often than any other brand. But how do you get people to appreciate this simple pleasure in a world where our streets are lined with coffee shops selling elaborate and expensive coffees?

Our job was to build a campaign that would emotionally reconnect operators and consumers in the out of home market, reminding them of the importance of Nescafé in their lives. Nescafé is the fuel that gets them going. It wakes us up, it starts conversations, it brings people together. It brings Britain to life.

We chose not to use actors or models in this campaign. It’s authentic Britain – a builder taking a break, a woman playing bingo, an office worker refuelling for the next meeting.

‘Bringing Britain to life’ reflected the spirit of the times and the sense of pride we all felt in 2012 during the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics.