Monroe | The sixth sense for your drive

With Monroe® Intelligent Suspension your car senses the road surface and the way you’re driving in real time, adjusting the suspension at a hundred times per second to create an incredibly smooth, controlled and dynamic ride.

This means your car is constantly in touch with you and the road, adapting the car suspension in real time for a superior driving experience.

Creatively we translated this into “The sixth sense for your drive”. This conveyed an experience that was not just about the suspension being responsive to the road but making your car feel sentient and you more aware and more alive to your surroundings.

We created a film that was designed to convey this experience dramatically in the course of a night time drive where the car and the driver are deprived of vision and yet hyper aware of and responsive to their surroundings because of the intelligent suspension system. This was supported by press, which single-mindedly communicated the benefits of intelligent suspension to the driver.