Merck Animal Health | The science of healthier animals

Our prosperity and happiness have always been bound up with our relationship with animals, because animals have always worked for us, fed us and comforted us. And we owe them care in return. It’s a responsibility at the heart of our launch campaign for Merck Animal Health.

How will we feed 9.1 billion people by 2050? What will it take to sustainably increase global protein supplies by over 30%? How will we protect people from animal-born diseases in a densely populated world? And how do we help our pets live longer and happier lives?

Our connection with animals poses big questions. Merck Animal Health aims to use science to tackle these questions, making sure every step forward for animal health is also an answer for our own future.

Our campaign positions Merck Animal Health at the forefront of the animal science industry: a company unafraid to tackle the big questions. Because animals in full health make a healthier future for mankind.