Maggi | Assisting the amazing

Since 1883, Maggi has developed products that help kitchens and canteens all over the world perform. But in a competitive market, Maggi was losing relevance. How could we help the brand get through to working chefs?

Our solution was ‘Assisting the amazing’, an unabashed celebration of what chefs do, shift after shift. Not TV chefs or chefs with toques and perfectly laundered uniforms, but real chefs.

Our work depicts their world – their frustrations and rewards, the camaraderie, and the clatter and hiss of a busy kitchen. In short, it brings to life one of the most demanding and exhilarating workplaces there is.

This is the stage where chefs overcome limited time and resources to beat the odds and get the perfect result on every plate. And Maggi is always on hand to help them.