Expo 2020 Dubai | Connecting minds, creating the future

The theme of the World Expo in Dubai is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, a celebration of the power of human collaboration. But for the man on the street, this is quite a lofty notion.  McCann Enterprise was tasked to reinvigorate and re-engage the people of Dubai and UAE with the core theme of Expo 2020, while reinforcing that World Expos are very much public, mainstream event.

McCann Enterprise’s “For Everyone” campaign marked the launch Expo 2020 Dubai. For the first time in its history, the citizens of Dubai were cast and photographed to feature in the campaign. Young and old, men and women, every race and religion, adorned bus-sides, billboards, the Dubai metro train and key press titles

To actively demonstrate the theme of collaboration as a means of creativity, McCann Enterprise set up a creative collaboration with leading illustrators from across the world to interpret the topics of Expo 2020. There were 21 in total. Each illustration adorned a two-metre sculpture, shaped as a petal-like form from the Expo 2020 logo.

The illustrated sculptures were then placed around Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Each illustration had a dedicated, personal video of the illustrator talking about his or her work and its theme.

The 21 illustrations also adorned the hoardings surrounding the four-mile square Expo site, creating a 1.7 kilometre billboard experience. Here the illustrations housed thought proving questions to consider the challenges facing our world today – the questions that Expo 2020 is set to answer.

All the sculptures came together to create three mega-structures, 2,020 days away from the opening of the Expo. By uniting the individual sculptures, the final experience was a monumental physical representation of the core Expo 2020 theme of creativity and collaboration.

A milestone event at the Burj Khalifa also marked 2,020 days from the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai.  A thematic film and experiential zones provided an interactive experience to learn about Expo 2020 Dubai.  Members of the public were invited to write their wishes for 2020 on LED balls with thousands of wishes lighting up in a collective act of hope and expectation.