DSM Personal Care | Revealing the power of beauty

DSM Personal Care provides ingredients and expertise to many of the world’s biggest cosmetics manufacturers. We created a flexible suite of high-end photography that helped the company claim its role at the heart of the beauty business.

DSM provides solutions to companies across the beauty and personal care industry, covering skin, sun and haircare.

Our challenge was to showcase the diverse benefits of the product range and make sense of a fragmented architecture of products. At the same time we wanted to show visually that DSM is not just a science-focused company but also in touch with the beauty industry and its end customers.

The solution was an extensive photo shoot in collaboration with photographer Gavin O’Neill. Working with 15 models from around the world, we created a suite of 52 shots. Together they allow us to describe the technical properties of individual products, but in the context of a brand that’s at home in the world of beauty.