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Rightster becomes Brave Bison in major rebrand

July 7 2016, by Stephen Meade

We are delighted to unveil the new name and identity for Rightster – Brave Bison.


An animal known for roaming great distances and adapting to the extreme weather conditions of the Great Plains, from summer heat to freezing winter, the bison is a powerful expression of exploration, independence and intrepidness. Combined with the notion of bravery this further conveys the desire to do things differently as well as the spirit of boldness and curiosity we wanted to capture for the new brand.

The identity we created features the Mirador typeface, a powerful neoclassical font, perfect for communicating the character of a heroic explorer. The “BB” symbol cleverly amplifies the alliteration in the name and injects graphical charm by echoing the shape of bison hoofprints.

The creation of Brave Bison (as with Base 79, a brand we were also responsible for creating and which was later acquired by Rightster) recognises the evolution of the business from its heritage in rights management to the highly competitive world of on line content creation – where the spirit and values of the new Brave Bison brand are set to flourish.