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Dogs at work? It’s not barking.

December 17 2014, by Padraic Walsh & Sara Gramner


We’ve just returned from seeing our concepts for Purina’s Pets At Work campaign go live at Nestlé’s head office in Gatwick. It was a great internal launch event for one of the company’s most breakthrough initiatives in 2015.

Pets At Work is a scheme that lets employees bring their dogs into the office. It might seem a bit odd at first. But when you consider that some of the most modern businesses do it, such as Google and Amazon (because it’s proven to make the workplace happier and more productive) it starts to make good sense.

As the creative team on this project, we were asked by Nestlé Purina to come up with a theme to launch the Pets At Work concept at Nestlé UK HQ. Our idea was to imagine the dogs themselves as the most adept well-being gurus (they have a good CV when it comes to making humans feel good). So we created a false business for our furry advisors called Canine Consultants. It had the slogan ‘Feel Pawsome’. And, you’ve guessed it, the dogs (the actual pets of Nestlé staff) were featured giving the best well-being advice. So they said motivational things like, “Take your ideas for walkies”, “Stroke that stress away” and “Paws for thought”. All of the advice pointed out how interacting with a dog helps improve well-being.


We also had to think about how the campaign embraced many of the other messages in the launch. So for example, we created a Dog Passpawt that featured in the enrolment process. We came up with lots of environmental ideas and desk-drops to engage employees when they walked in on the day of launch. And we also created toolkits for line managers to promote the scheme to their team and answer any concerns.

As you can see from the work, we had lots of fun conceptualising the campaign, especially the motivational headlines from our four-legged well-being gurus. It worked on the day too with plenty of employees signing their dogs up for the scheme. The campaign moves into its next phase in January 2015 and we’re looking forward to extending it with more dogs and even more inspirational advice.

Dog1                     Dog2