Amdocs launches ‘Make it Amazing’ with McCann Enterprise

Together with our partners McCann Tech, we are proud to launch ‘Make it Amazing’ with software and service provider Amdocs. The campaign showcases the high-calibre digital experiences Amdocs powers for their customers.

‘Make it Amazing’ kicked off in Israel by taking over an entire ad break on primetime TV with a music video made in collaboration with musician Noga Erez. This was followed by AR activations, VR add-ons, WhatsApp stickers, an Instagram filter, an event and OOH advertising.

To create the campaign, we began with the insight that consumer expectations of digital experiences and innovations are always rising. From AR gaming through to cloud-based businesses, drone first-responders to automation in agriculture, it’s no longer enough for businesses to keep up.The creative team drew on Amdocs’ passionate culture and its commitment to a higher standard – creating a campaign for a company that believes ‘OK isn’t enough’.

Amdocs CMO Gil Rosen has said: “We’re thrilled to see ‘Make it Amazing’ live worldwide. Our rebrand embodies our ambitious culture and business value approach. In the short time since its launch, ‘Make it Amazing’ has instilled a new and vibrant energy throughout the company and has become a new standard of excellence in everything we do. We’re incredibly proud of our new integrated brand and campaign and look forward to the amazing journey that still lies ahead.”

The ‘Make it Amazing’ campaign highlights how digital solutions shape customer experiences for businesses. When connected has become expected, it’s the quality of these experiences that can differentiate brands.

On the strategic opportunity and thinking, Richard Clark, Planning Director at McCann Enterprise said “Our work with Amdocs’s leadership revealed a strategic gap between a brand that had worked itself into a niche, legacy positioning and a business with ambitions to grow into new places. “Make it amazing” radically unlocks Amdocs’s potential. It represents a culture shift from functional delivery to impact and outcomes. It helps the business talk less about itself and more about its customers. And it injects new energy into a 40 year-old tech firm. Yesterday Amdocs was part of the furniture; today it’s the centre of the map.”

'Make it Amazing' is now live worldwide.