Committed to diversity & equality

"As a key member of the world’s most awarded network agency, McCann Worldgroup UK is made up of a highly diverse portfolio of premier clients and brands.

Our mission is to help build brands that have meaning in people’s lives. To achieve this, we have a cultural commitment to put creativity at the centre of everything we do and cultivate a diverse workforce, dedicated to creating an environment where women can build careers and progress within the agency and the industry as a whole.

Diversity is central to our strategy and an issue we are passionate about in the UK. We are unequivocally dedicated to attracting and developing the best and most diverse talent and nurturing a culture of inclusion.

To that end, and along with our UK Leadership and their HR Partners, I am proud to work with Singleton Beato, our global Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer. Singleton and her team provide strategic guidance and tactical direction to McCann Worldgroup leaders about business and talent practices that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

We’ve already made great strides in making diversity an integral part of our long-term growth plan and are fully committed to continuing to evolve our culture to ensure people from all backgrounds truly flourish."

Mark Lund, CEO McCann Worldgroup UK


Women in leadership

In the UK, we are dedicated to creating an environment where women can build careers and progress within the agency and the industry as a whole. Our MWG UK Board consists of 33% women, ahead of the industry average of 30% (2017 IPA statistics).

Our focus over the last few years has been to invest in women at senior management level who constitute our future top executives. We hold annual high-potential development training to equip them with the skills needed to develop and succeed as our future leadership, as well as providing on-going mentorship programmes.

The majority of our UK agencies partner with Creative Equals, an organisation dedicated to championing equality in agencies’ creative departments and the wider industry. Their goal is to realise a 50/50 gender split in senior creative positions by 2020, as well as to increase the diversity of the creative industry. This partnership is being rolled out across all agencies in our group.

As part of Interpublic Group (IPG) all employees have access to the Women’s Leadership Network http://wln.interpublic.com/ that addresses gender equality and stereotyping.

Other key UK initiatives to support the attraction and development of diverse employees include:

  • Ahead Partnership: Education Sector: Socioeconomic diversity - Working with the organisation Ahead Partnerships to help unlock social and economic potential.
  • Apprentice Programme - IPA & Creative Pioneers: working with IPA/Creative Pioneers to offer apprenticeships.
  • In-House Recruitment Awards: McCann London has been shortlisted for “Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy” by the industry awards recognising in-house recruitment strategies.
  • Investors in People: Awarded Gold for the last ten years, in recognition of our inclusive and diverse culture.


McCann Erickson advertising limited

Representing McCANN London, McCANN Enterprise, Craft London and AFG Europe


  • The gender pay gap of 20.4% (mean average) is influenced by having fewer women both in the most senior leadership positions and in senior creative roles.
  • Although this imbalance is an industry-wide issue, as evidenced by the recent IPA survey, we are committed to addressing it. In recent years there has been a positive shift, and we currently have female Managing Directors at the helm of our McCANN London, Enterprise and AFG agencies.
  • To continue this progress, we support professional growth and offer initiatives such as emergency childcare and enhanced shared parental leave pay to help balance careers with personal lives and commitments.
  • We have clear benchmarks in place to ensure that salaries for equivalent positions and roles are equal, irrespective of gender or background.

Snapshot date of 5th April 2017


Pay difference overall



Our belief

Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental to achieving our vision to become the #1 creatively-driven global marketing company. We view it as a business imperative that, when incorporated into all agency practices, becomes a competitive advantage, driving growth and organisational sustainability.


Fostering a culture of conscious inclusion

Our diversity and engagement vision is to be a globally integrated community, where conscious inclusion enables the creative potential of our talent and our work.

Integral to this vision is creating the conditions where women at all levels feel empowered to fully contribute and have equal opportunity to achieve their highest career ambitions.

We ensure a safe, respectful and open environment that allows employees at all levels to thrive. We create and evolve policies and practices that create an ethos of belonging, connection and purpose. We know that it is only through our relentless commitment to these principles that we are able to deliver the deepest, most connected communications expertise to our clients and their consumers.


Gender pay gap, how it is calculated and our overall results

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, businesses with over 250 employees must publish their gender pay gap information every year showing how large the pay gap is between men and women. We are required to calculate the mean and medium percentages across our male and female employees for both hourly rates of pay at the 5th April 2017 and for bonuses paid.



We recognise that our figure needs improvement, however, like many others in our industry, the gap is not caused by inequality in remuneration. At the point that the data was collected, we had fewer women working in certain higher paid roles which inevitably skewed the results. However, we firmly believe we have a strong record in hiring and developing senior female leaders and we will continue to help them to achieve their full potential at McCANN WorldGroup.


Bonus pay difference



Our programmes

Our Programmes that help support gender equality:

  • Our commitment to ensure fair and inclusive recruitment practices, integrating conscious inclusion principles and driving accountability into all talent communications and business processes.
  • Mandatory unconscious bias training for those in decision-making roles with pastoral responsibilities, internally and externally.
  • A ‘Women in Leadership’ programme that identifies the challenges women leaders face, that differentiates gender issues from organisational issues and provides thoughtful leadership and co-counselling between women to address these challenges.
  • Facilitating engagement opportunities for leaders with high-performing diverse talent and improving our future talent pipeline.
  • Leadership Awareness and Culture Codex training for our senior leaders to support equality, an open culture, agile and flexible working practices and continuous professional development of our people.