Save the Orangutan | Until they’re safe

We worked with Save The Orangutan to position its brand as the leader in a category that had become confused and over populated with charities that lacked their depth and expertise.

Our Energising Idea was called ‘Until they’re safe’ and captured the spirit of determination that drove their founder, Lone Drøscher Nielsen to make the world aware of the plight of orangutans.

We created an identity modeled on the cheek pads of the powerful male orangutan, a bespoke typeface and a highly emotional and engaging visual world.

‘Until they’re safe’ says no one works harder to rescue, rehabilitate and release the orangutans. It positions them at the forefront of efforts to stop the rainforest losing another piece of its soul. And it says they will never cease in their efforts to stop the loggers, poachers and pet traders who threaten the survival of orangutans. Until their communities are thriving. Until their feeding and nesting grounds are out of danger. Until they’re safe.