Nestlé Docello | Create your sweet signature

Docello is the Nestlé dessert brand that lets chefs create imaginative and delicious finales to their meals. We developed the positioning, name, logo, packaging, advertising, digital and sales support to launch the brand in 14 markets worldwide in just six months.

We wanted Docello to be seen not only as a timesaver but as a creativity enhancer. That’s because chefs told us they wanted the opportunity to express themselves and add a touch of magic to their dessert menus.

So we put an empowering idea at the heart of the brand: ‘Create your sweet signature’. It’s an overt appeal to chefs to adapt and customise Docello bases to create unique new desserts. And it’s the reason why the logo was designed to convey creativity and suggest a looping signature.

The name itself combines ‘dolce’, the Italian for dessert, with ‘dal cielo’, meaning from heaven. Literally: ‘Desserts from heaven.’